Deluxe Pankcake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics

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Deluxe Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics is the newest addition to the Breakfast Classics line of juices. Original Pancake Man base, which tastes like a warm and fluffy stack of pancakes, topped with Strawberries and Whipped Cream, drizzled with Maple Syrup and turns it into a Deluxe version. How did they do it? They added some Fruity Pebbles, Marshmallows and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Deluxe Pancake Man has been one of Vape Breakfast Classics’ best creations.

To make this 120ml of 3mg juice add 2 x Nic shots which are 10ml in 18mg.  VG:80% | 20%.


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